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About Empadit

Empadit AB is a burgeoning enterprise that accords primacy to Educational products by African writers. Our enterprise is currently making every effort to open up a better alternative through which products by African writers could become marketable at an affordably competitive rate in the markets of Europe, especially, in the Scandinavia, thereby satisfying European standards.
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Empadit AB is a share company enterprise that is officially registered to operate per Swedish laws. In a nutshell, Empadit AB.
In the event that there exist products you would like us to import and export to and from Africa, we at Trade Africa are here not only to fulfill your orders, but also to find ways to help facilitate the implementation of research-based plausible and yet feasible proposals for innovations that can make difference in the lives of many people.
ስለምንታይ ኤምፓዲት
ኤምፓዲት ኣሕጽሮተ ስም ናይቲ ኣብ ስቶክሆልም ዝርከብ ሓላፍነቱ ዝተወሰነ ትካል ኣሕተምቲ፡ ኣከፋፈልቲ መጽሓፍትን ኣዳለውቲ ናውቲ ትምህርቲ እዩ።
ኤምፓዲት፡ ኣብ ትምህርታዊ መጽሓፍቲ የተኩር።
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